ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Enterprise Resource Planning Software is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business.

Phoenix ERP is an internet based ERP application, which helps to share information among our various departments/employees and let them collaborate better to reach common organizational goals. Sharing the information doesn’t mean that all employees has access to all the information in the organization. Phoenix ERP is a web based ERP and is controlled by permissions and access rights. So you have full control and can decide on "who-sees-what" and "who-does-what".

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Key Features of Phoenix ERP

  • Latest Technology and Regular Upgrades: Phoenix ERP is an in-house developed software with latest technologies, making it an economical ERP software.
  • Web Based ERP Software: It's a web based application so the employees can use it from anywhere.
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use: Phoenix ERP Software is very easy to use and need little navigation skills. Its simple design ensures that employees get used to it within a few hours.
  • Important Features per Module: It has important features in each module, which means whole of the business requirements can be easily fulfilled by standard Phoenix ERP. This reduces the time and effort.
  • Multi-currency and Multi Company: Phoenix ERP Application has the feature to consolidate the businesses across multiple companies and currencies, thus making it an efficient EPR tool.


ERP Modules

Phoenix ERP software is categorized in modules, each module catering to particular department. Key modules of Phoenix ERP software are as follows:

  • User Module: Any number of users can be added and can be assigned permissions according to their department. So that the individual can only access the modules for which he/she has the permission.
  • Bank Accounts Module: All company bank accounts are managed under this module.
  • Client Module: All the clients’ information is maintained under this section.
  • Company Module: All the companies and their complete information are managed in this module.
  • Currency Module: This module allows to add/edit different currencies to manage financial information in different currencies.
  • Department Module: This section is to categorize users according to their respective departments.
  • Events Module: Event module manages the activity logs of all the users. All the browsing of user on ERP with all info like time, IP address and action can be tracked here
  • Orders Module: This is one of the most important module which allows to manage (add/edit/delete/update) all the orders and assign permissions on those. Orders are being assigned to different teams and they can then take the required action accordingly. This way all the members of one particular team are updated of the work going and thus helps to track the tasks more easily and quickly.
  • Invoice Module: Invoice module helps to manage the invoicing process of the company. Here all the invoices generated can be viewed/searched and also allows to edit/update any particular invoice.
  • Revenue Report: Revenue report helps in analyzing the company revenue with graph and also allows to filter the revenue on basis of month, year or financial year. This way it helps to monitor the Key Performance Indicators at the Top level and drill down to the lowest level information.