Email Marketing


Email marketing

Email marketing is the promotion of a brand’s products, services, or just a way to connect to the audience through email. One can see email marketing as a medium for one-to-many communication from an organization to a mailing of current and potential customers and clients.

When compared to other digital means of communication, email marketing is a cost-effective method for reaching, engaging, and retaining your customers. But to get the best results out of your email marketing campaign, you need to send the mail to the correct target audience and that too at the right time. Working with email marketing services might prove beneficial for you in running campaigns that are powerful and ensure fruitful email delivery.

Why must you invest in email marketing?

Here are a few top reasons to make a smart investment into email marketing:

  • 59% of people believe email influences their purchase decisions

  • 61% of people love to get weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands

  • 10 to 60 minutes is the average time people spend each week checking their inbox

Customers have trust in emails, and email significantly impacts their purchase decisions. They also like having a newsfeed for their favorite products. That’s the reason why email marketing generates around 50 percent of the sales when compared to modes of promotion.

If you are expecting these kinds of results from your email marketing campaign, Phoenix is at your service.

How can Phoenix help you with your email marketing campaign?

Every brand is different and demands a well-tailored email marketing plan. Keeping that in mind, Phoenix has a set process flow to devise the perfect marketing strategy.

Here is how we will work for you:

Keeping an eye on your competitors

At Phoenix, our team of experts aspires to provide you with the best chance to outperform your competitors and stand out in your potential client’s inbox.

In order to that, we will research your competitors in the market, and then strategize a custom email marketing strategy specifically tailored to drive more results for your brand.

Apart from that, we will work upon other factors, such as how your competitors are gaining clients, what offers are they running, and what response they are getting.

While analyzing your competitors, we will be able to get more information about your industry, too.

Understanding your potential audience base

For the success of any marketing campaign, it is important to target the correct set of audience. Without understanding your potential customers, we cannot devise a strategy to market your products and services effectively.

While targeting the audience, we work upon factors such as age, gender, geographic location, interests, etc. These factors will guide us in designing the email with the perfect blend of tone and content.

Once we have studied your niche, competitors, and potential customers, we are good to go. And of course, you will get a detailed post-campaign report to see how you campaign has performed.