Performance Marketing


Performance Marketing

Performance marketing has completely transformed the way brands advertise and market their products. Besides that, it has impacted the way the success of a marketing campaign is analyzed.

While a majority of corporations spend a considerable amount of money on branding, it might not be feasible for every company. Brands need to concentrate on the bottom line to stay profitable.

In performance marketing, you determine the action, and then pay when that action is accomplished – be it a sale, lead, or click.

Why invest in performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a low-risk option as you pay only when a certain action is completed. Therefore, you are assured that your money on marketing is well spent.

In addition to that, performance marketing is 100% measurable such that you can monitor all your campaign metrics and make necessary changes.

Besides that, it is entirely focused on ROI, making it easier for businesses and marketers.

Need help with performance marketing? We are here for you!

How can Phoenix serve you?

The team of experts at Phoenix understands that each business is unique with unique requirements. Therefore, we believe in offering custom-made strategies to each of our clients.

However, there is a general set of procedures followed by us while working on your performance marketing strategy. Here’s the pipeline:

  • Conversations

    We have a brief discussion with our clients to understand their needs and preferences. This will help us in setting well-defined goals and objectives. We will also focus on the pain points for better outcomes.

  • Marketing assessment

    Once we have a well-defined goal with us, we will work on marketing assessment. It includes various factors such as the platforms and tools that we will use, records of your previous campaigns (if any), content, assets and messaging, audience identification, and much more.

  • Campaign roadmap

    After all the research work is done, our experts will devise well-tailored campaign strategies for your business. The strategy will also include the recommended tools and platforms along with means to capture the results.

  • Implementation time

    Now we are all set to run your performance marketing campaign according to the planned strategy.

  • Analyze and optimize

    We understand that you need reports to see how your campaign went. Therefore, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the results. In addition to that, we will also optimize the areas that did not perform as expected.

Who is it for?

Our performance marketing services are meant for the following:

  • Brands with a vision, but need a plan
  • Small businesses that want to grow and scale strategically
  • The businesses that want to attain more than just random marketing acts
  • And companies that are looking to show a return on marketing investment

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