Rummy circle case study

The client – RummyCircle – wanted to increase awareness about their gaming app, RummyCircle, through a digital marketing campaign.


RummyCircle is an online gaming platform that allows people to play rummy with fun and excitement. Rummy is a skill game and is not seen as gambling, as stated by the Honourable Supreme Court of India. Therefore, it is entirely legal to play rummy for cash in India.

RummyCircle provides 100% legal and safe gameplay right on your mobile and laptops. After a user registers with RummyCircle, he has endless opportunities to win big rewards based on his skills.

The client approached us to create awareness about their mobile application and get more installations and registrations. The client wanted a geographically targeted campaign promotion with Day 7 ROI to be 1.5%.


The client wanted the campaign to executed keeping the following goals in mind:

  • It had to be a geographically targeted marketing campaign with a focus on these states - Karnataka, Kerala, TN, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra – only.
  • On day 7 of the campaign, the revenue of the client should be 1.5%.
  • The cost per acquisition (i.e., the CPA) should be Rs 5500.
  • The overall market presence of the RummyCircle mobile application should increase with maximum possible downloads and registrations.

We took the following approach to meet the client’s expectations:

  • We only focused on the locations specified by the client that are Karnataka, Kerala, TN, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra while targeting the audience
  • The ad content was created, keeping in mind the targeted audience.
  • Since we had to maintain the D7 revenue to at least 1.5%, heavy email shoots were done throughout the campaign.
  • Interesting and compelling CTA (call to action) buttons were used to encourage the audience to download the RummyCircle mobile and register to start playing rummy.
  • We also focussed on enhancing the overall brand presence of RummyCircle across various digital platforms to get the best ROI through this promotional campaign.

Quantitatively speaking, we gave the following result to the client:

  • We were able to deliver a total of 1,85,000 RummyCircle mobile app installs and registrations from the specified geographic location by the client.
  • Additionally, we managed to provide 2 lac deliveries in the first eight months of the year 2020 (that is, from January to August).
  • The client was expecting the Day 7 revenue to be 1.5%, but we gave them a 2% Day 7 revenue.
  • Also, the CPA (cost per acquisition) and ARPU (average revenue per acquisition) were also maintained as per the client’s expectations – Rs. 5,500, and Rs. 120, respectively.

We managed to meet the client’s expectations in terms of CPA and ARPU. At the same time, we outperformed their expectations in terms of D7 revenue. RummyCircle was able to get 1,85,000 mobile installs and registrations with a better brand presence in the market.